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DATE : 24.07.2010               SATURDAY


   First Day’s Proceedings

Inaugural Function

The first day’s proceedings of the Rajya Puraskar testing Camp began with the rehearsal of the     ‘Inaugural Ceremony’.  The final rehearsal of the ‘Inaugural Ceremony’ was organized at 09.00 A.M. At 10.00 A.M the Scouts and Guides of KV IIT  Powai, Mumbai  accorded a grand ceremonial ‘Colour  Party’ welcome to Dr. (Smt.) V. Vijayalaxmi, State Commissioner, Guides , KVS State Bharat Scouts and Guides , Deputy Commissioner (Personnel), and Officiating Joint Commissioner,(Admn) KVS, New  Delhi. It was followed by scarf Presentation event.  All the dignitaries were presented scarves. 

 The Chief guest Dr. Smt. V. Vijayalaxmi lighted the lamp and garlanded the portrait of Lord Baden Powell, founder of the Scouting movement. It was then followed by a welcome address   given by Shri. PRL Gupta, Honorable Assistant Commissioner, KVS Mumbai and the Divisional Commissioner, (Scouts) and head of the host Region, welcomed the distinguished Chief Guest and other dignitaries - Brig. S .S. Lamba, Chairman, VMC, KV No. I  Dehuroad and Station Commandant, Mr. L. Mohanty , Joint General Manager, Chairman, KV OF Dehu Raod, Pune , Mr. Subhash Sharma Commandant CRPF,  Mrs. A.P. Bhalla, Deputy Divisional Commissioner(Guides) , Mumbai  Division and Education Officer, Mumbai Region were present on this occasion.

Shri. PRL Gupta Hon’ble   Assistant Commissioner, KVS, Mumbai Region, in his formal welcome address thanked the KVS authorities for giving pristine opportunity.  He highlighted the significance of scouting movement and motivated the scouts and guides.It was followed by a welcome song titled‘Swagatam Atithi Vandanam’   presented by the students of KV No. 1, Dehu Road, Pune. A unique trend of Eco – friendly felicitation was practicsed by KV No.2 O.F., Dehu Road.  The dignitaries were presented ‘Potted Plants’ as a memorable token.  Miss Manjuli Sharma A.S.O.C (Guides) and STC, KVS state District Commissioner, (Guides) Mumbai, presented a brief report and highlighted the objectives of the trainings Camp. 

Later, the students of KV Ganeshkhind   presented a colorful and spectacular cultural programme.  The dance item revealed the cultural extra vaganza of our country.  The participants projected the placards depicting the ‘Ashtavinayaks’ Ranjangaon, Moregaon, Mahad, Theyure, Siddhatek, Pali, Lenadri and Ojhar.

The item was highly applauded by the participants and guests alike.  The students of KV Southern Command, Pune , presented a group song titled – ‘WE ARE THE WORLD, WE ARE THE CHILDREN’.  Nearly seventy students participated in it and paid rich tributes to Lord Baden Powell. It was followed by presentation of beads, parchments, pins and certificates to HWB, ALT, LTs, by  Dr (Mrs) V.Vijaylaxmi, State Commissioner, Guides , KVS State Bharat Scouts and Guides , Deputy Commissioner (Personnel), and Officiating Joint Commissioner,(Admn) KVS, New  Delhi. She presented the beads, parchments, pins and certificates to the veterans of the scouting movement. 

Shri PRL Gupta, Assistant  Commissioner, KVS  (MR)  presented mementos to Dr. (Smt) V Vijayalaxmi, State Commissioner, Guides , KVS State Bharat Scouts and Guides , Deputy Commissioner (Personnel), and Officiating Joint Commissioner,(Admn) KVS, New  Delhi, as a mark of great respect. Thereafter, Dr.(Smt)  V. Vijaylaxmi Chief Guest  blessed the budding scouts and guides. In her enlightening speech, she highlighted the significance of scouting movement. She, further, said that this movement will inculcate self-discipline, sense of respect and positive attitude to help others.

Finally, Smt A.P. Bhalla, Deputy Divisional Commissioner (Guides), Mumbai Division and Education Officer, Mumbai Region proposed vote of thanks. She conveyed her sincere thanks to the KVS authorities for giving opportunity to conduct the prestigious Rajya Puraskar testing camp. She thanked Dr. V. Vijayalaxmi for her kind and benevolent presence at the venue. 

After the inaugural function was over, the Chief Guest, along with all the dignitaries and the Principals of different KVs visited the host Vidyalaya- K.V. Ordnance Factoy, Dehu Road Pune .

It was followed by supervision of the   hygienic preparation at the mess. The Scout testing process started at 14.30 hrs and continued till 19.00 hrs. Shri. S. S Chamoli, LOC (Scouts) conducted a meeting of the testing team followed by the Camp Fire (Group Wise).  

At 12.15 hrs, dinner was served to all the participants. At 21.15 hrs, Shri. S.S Chamoli, the LOC (Scouts) conducted a meeting of escorts, members of testing team and officials.  He gave the necessary directions to conduct the testing effectively.



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